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Construction Toys

“You can help stimulate creative thinking and visualization with the provision of construction toys.
Children can build on their knowledge of spatial awareness and size differences whilst having lots of fun!.”


Twist and Lock Blocks
Twist and Lock Blocks.
12 coloured wooden blocks, strung together with strong elastic allowing them to be locked and angled
into different shapes and designs. A fascinating toy with real fiddle factor.

Price:£1 each   13cm in length. Age 3+. M, Ph, C

Tap Tap Art

Tap Tap Art. Sorry out of stock
A traditional toy which holds very dear memories for many!
After some searching we were able to track it down- we are sure it will go down a storm. Over 100 wooden
pieces in various shapes with corkboard, tacks and two little wooden hammers. Opportunities for
creativity are endless. Marvellous for developing finger and manual dexterity.

Price:£7.99 each   Age 3+. Size board 25 cm. PSE, CLL, Kn x U, Ph, C

dinosaur in a kit
Dinosaurs in a Kit.
Dinosaur bones are pre cut and ready for pressing out of the wooden board and assembling.
Lovely for learning about the world around us and an ideal ‘home from school’ project to extend
on this fascinating topic. Three dinosaurs per pack! Assorted species.

Price:£4.95 per pack   27cm in length. Age 6+. M, Ph, C

 Pile Up

Take Apart and Build. Sorry out of stock

“Pull of my head and all my body parts – now see if you can thread
them back on my central pole…. hey wait a minute why are my arms on my knees?!!”
This 3D construction puzzle can also be used in imaginary play.
A traditional wooden keepsake, hand painted to a bright glossy finish.
This is a real treasure to display on any bedroom shelf!!

Price:£3.95   Size 17 cm high. Age 3+. PSE, M, Ph, C


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