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Imaginary Play Toys

“Pretend play begins at around 18 – 24 months.
It is an essential part of children’s learning about and identifying with experiences, events, culture and traditions, communities, occupations, family positions and so on.
Observe a child engaged in pretend play and you will see a story unfold.”

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712 – 1778 Philosopher

Willow Brook Farm
Willow Brooke Farm. Sorry out of Stock

An impressive wooden Farm set. The charming cottage has removable roof sections and a door that opens.
The furniture includes a cooking unit with sink and stove, a lamp, a chair that folds out to become a bed,
and a dinning set that can be arranged in different ways.
Next to the house is a working windmill with a water wheel and a well with a bucket that goes up and down
when the handle is turned. There is also a tree with adjustable branches, a vegetable garden with 9 removable plants, a wooden bridge and a cardboard pond. It is possible to arrange the components in a variety of ways.
The house and windmill are mounted on a wooden base. Mounted on a separate colourful wooden base, the Barn and Stable also have removable roof sections. There is a pretty fence to the one side whilst the other three sides have swing doors that can be opened and closed. Pictures of realistic looking farm tools have been included in the internal design to add interest and additional play value. These idyllic farm buildings are completed with an assortment of gorgeous wooden animals:- 2 cows, 2 pigs, 2 lambs complete with woolly heads! 2 chickens, and 2 ducks.
Willow Brooke Farm is home to Wellington the Resident Farmer who owns a wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, watering can and water pale. The farm is also suitably equipped with 2 milk churns, 2 crates, 2 sacks, 2 more vegetable beds, 1 trough, 1 water pump and trough, and 1 rake and shovel stand.
You and your child can have hours of fun and interactive play with this stunning and exceptional Farm.
Free Baa Moo Oink Set with this toy!.. Additional dolls available please click here to view Family.

(Size) Farm house 32x40x34.5cm Barn and Stable 40x51.5x33cm Farmer 12.5cm

Price:£154.95 +additional £5.00p+p   Age 3yrs+ CLL, Kn x U, C      

My Little Forester House
My Little Forester House.
A lovely wooden forest set with so much charm. A varied selection of forest animals including deer, rabbits, squirrels, fox, hedgehog, wild boar and even an owl. 71 pieces in total to construct a fantasy forest setting as you wish. This free style set enables many possibilities and a variety of play.
Price:£58   Age 3yrs+. farm house 22.8x22.8x14cm KnxU      

My Little Riding Stable
My Little Riding Stable.
There is a lot to experience at this riding stable. 134 sturdy pieces to enable our young horse-lovers to create varied layouts and imaginative games. There is even a Blacksmith!

Price:£59.95  Size- stable 23.6x9.1x14.5cm, Age 36mth+ KnxU

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 -  Construction Toys:-
 -  Happy Birds
 -  Lacing Beads
 -  Sorting Bugs
 -  Construction Train
 -  Flower Stacking
 -  Village in a Bag
 -  Mazabel
 -  Construction Vehicle
 -  Twist and Lock Blocks
 -  Tap Tap Art
 -  Dinosaurs in a kit
 -  Take Apart and Build
 -  Educational Toys:-
 -  Baby Activity Center
 -  Telephone
 -  Rainbow Numbers
 -  Magnetic Letters
 -  Magnetic Weatherboard
 -  Posting House
 -  Sorting Castle
 -  Shape and Colour Match Board
 -  Circular Stacking Tower
 -  3D Shape and Shadows
 -  Turn and Sort
 -  Russian Doll
 -  Physical Play:-
 -  Puffy Dragon
 -  Wheely Bugs
 -  Rocking Horse
 -  Trolley and Blocks
 -  Classic Baby Walker
 -  Hopping Bunny Walker
 -  My First Bike
 -  Tryke
 -  Milly Moo
 -  Ladybird Pull Along
 -  Hammer and Pegs
 -  Toss a Ring
 -  Workbench Large
 -  Tower Slope
 -  Clogging Track
 -  Zig Zag Racer
 -  Soldier Skittles
 -  Skipping Rope
 -  Imaginary Play:-
 -  Train Set and Table Table
 -  Space Ship
 -  Spider digger
 -  Mini Vehicles
 -  Transporter Lorry
 -  Eco House
 -  My Pinky House
 -  Modern House
 -  Animal Clinic
 -  Willow Brook Farm
 -  My Little Forester House
 -  My Little Riding Stable
 -  Family
 -  Daisy’s Wardrobe
 -  Goldilocks Finger Puppets
 -  Little Red Riding Hood
 -  Fairy Finger Puppets
 -  Pirate Finger Puppet
 -  Musical Toys:-
 -  Piano
 -  Wonderland Music Set
 -  Harmonica
 -  Xylophone
 -  Wooden Maracas
 -  Moo and Oink
 -  Butterfly Castanets
 -  Drum
 -  Tiny Tot's Toys:-
 -  Baby Gym and Walker
 -  Dummy Chain
 -  Ring Rattle
 -  Pinky Pony Set
 -  Pram Strings
 -  Clown Jack in The Box
 -  Bell Ball Rattle
 -  Rainbow Rattle
 -  Twin Rattle Set
 -  Baa Moo Oink
 -  Peek a Boo Ball
 -  Baby Clip On
 -  Twin Rattle Set
 -  Tots Tree Tops
 -  My First Red Car
 -  Puzzles and Games:-
 -  Lift and Match Farm
 -  Jigsaw puzzle- 24 Piece.
 -  Jigsaw puzzle- Giant.
 -  Little Friends Puzzle
 -  Teddy Get Ready
 -  Animal Matching Game
 -  Magnetic Fun Bugs
 -  Magnetic Noughts and Crosses
 -  3D Noughts and Crosses
 -  Shut the Box
 -  Pool Table
 -  Stocking Fillers + Party Bags:-
 -  Pull Spinners
 -  Novelty Whistle
 -  Corn Basket
 -  Bracelet
 -  What’s the Time Mr Wolf
 -  Book Mark
 -  Magnetic Memo Clips
 -  Farmyard Friends Pencil Set
 -  Wild Animal Pens
 -  Trio Tops
 -  Lacing bugs
 -  Farm Animal Dominoes
 -  Chinese Finger Trap
 -  Pop Gun
 -  Art Craft and Accessories:-
 -  Tabletop Easel
 -  Paper Quilling
 -  Flower Press
 -  Colour your own Puzzle
 -  Photo Frames
 -  Wooden Theatre
 -  Tap Tap Art
 -  Dinosaurs in a Kit
 -  Bead Craft Box
 -  Spoon People
 -  Fairy Kit

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